Cats and dogs cause issues. They destroy and pee in the lawns of neighbours and harm and kill many wild animals as hunters. Living in style with indoor cats is the only sure way to keep wildlife safe.

Wooden litter tray cover

If you decide on indoor or outdoor, there are some essential things to consider. Cats are much closer to their wild relatives than dogs. They come with some instincts and habits that can place significant stress on your relationship with your cat.

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These automatic behaviours have the potential to ruin your relationship with the pet, as well as much of your home.


Cats and dogs have more than enough exercise possibilities, but keeping an indoor cat active and fit can be a difficult task. Through playing with toys, the best way to get your cat moving is. You can help your feline couch potato become an indoor gymnast by inviting her to pounce, jump, and run laps around the house. You might clear a bookshelf, put on top of your wardrobes a cosy bed or blanket, or put up new cabinets for your cat to jump.

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Cats love to fight for catnip toys, fabric ribbons or strips, and feathers dangling on wands or short poles in front of them.


For indoor cats, this is particularly important as they do not have an alternate place to go. If they don’t have a clean and comfortable place to go to the loo, cats may become stressed.

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You’ll need more than one litter tray if you have several cats, and if you can, it’s good to place them in separate places.


A perfect way to keep your cat healthy is feeding in the right way to your indoor cats. Feeding dry food is better for enclosed puzzle feeders because these can be harder to clean.

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Classify bags are a good idea because you can fill them with some of the usual daily food allowances and then encourage the cat to work for its food by passing the ball before the snacks fall out, satisfying the natural urge of hunting as well as exercising the cat and working off some calories.


Scratching points will give your cat something that isn’t your furniture to scratch. For indoor cats, marking trees is even better as they have various levels for your cat to explore and promote climbing. Often, scratching helps to reinforce the muscles of your cat.

For your cat to ultimately reach up, the post needs to be high enough. Ideally, indoor cats in various positions in the home require more than one scratching post. Near their bed or a favourite sleeping spot is a safe place to hold them.


Cats love to sunbathe on their own and enjoy looking outside. Whether there’s a limit to your floor space to provide your cat with more windows of opportunity, add perches or shelves. Bird feeders positioned near windows draw and engage the attention of indoor cats with a variety of wildlife.

cat sitting

Keep the windows open so that your cat can get natural ventilation when the weather allows. Make sure each windshield is tight so that the cat is unable to fall or leap.


When animals’ social and environmental needs have been satisfied, and resources will provide, many cats will eventually adapt to indoor living, especially if you are not going to live in style with indoor cats from an early age. Still, it may be difficult for cats used for outdoor access to make the transition as adults.

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