Cats love to wander here and there. You can’t restrict cats in a room. Cats are eager to jump, climb, and scratch with a tree. Cats are usually polite. But if you restrict cats to a limited volume, then it can create a mess.

cat litter box

However, an indoor lifestyle is better and safer for cats but, this doesn’t restrict them from going outside. I have other plans for you to get this dilemma solved.

What if you build an outdoor cat kennel and condo for your indoor cat? Today I will suggest you some condo designs from which you only need to select one and build it where your cat can enjoy.


Cats love to wander around there, must be some space to accommodate them outside the house. A condo and kennel that is safe and secure, easy to build is a better choice. The one I am going to suggest is easy to find out.

wodden box

Wooden cabinet made of well-furnished wood, easy to maintain, light in weight, easy to clean with a round opening for the cat is perfect for your indoor cat outside the house. It is simple to build an outdoor cat kennel and condo for your indoor cat in this design.


The outside built kennel and condo need to safe and secure for your cat. If your cat spends maximum time outside you, need to build a kennel and condo that is more reliable; made of good quality material and long-lasting stuff. The one on my priority list is a wooden house.

wodden outdoor cat house

This wooden house is made of good quality wood, with two portions to accommodate more than one cat. It is built two feet higher from the ground to make it safer from predators. It has an interior of furnished wood which you can scoop easily. Hence it is perfect for you to build an outdoor cat kennel and condo for your indoor cat in this shape.


If you still look for a better outdoor home that is more secure for your cat. OR if you own many cats and want a house that is more reliable for many cats.  Then, I have a design to show you that can fulfil your all need and make your work easier.

cat outdoor

That cage made of strong metal wires with supporting wood is not only safe but very reliable. If you observe the cat from inside, then you will see some portions there that took care of cat preferences. The cat can wander easily, jump up and down, play with toys and do anything inside there. The main thing is that you can accommodate a large number of cats in there. So what are you waiting for? build an outdoor cat kennel and condo for your indoor cat in this design?


Cats also need privacy no matter outside or inside the house. You need to provide condo furniture that takes care of their privacy. The best-preferred design for cats’ privacy is a condo cabinet. Take a look at this condo cabinet and, you will feel delighted.

condo cat furniture

Condo cabinet perfectly designed to maintain privacy for cats. Made of good quality stuff, easy to manage and adjust condo cabinet is safe and secure. This cabinet is easy to scoop due to a well-furnished interior. It is more secure as it is three to four feet higher from the ground. In this design, you can build an outdoor cat kennel and condo for your indoor cat.


Your furry friend needs to happy with and without you. With you, it is possible but, without you, you will need to make it possible. You can make it possible by managing a litter box inside the house and condo furniture outside the house. I have suggested you some designs to build an outdoor cat kennel and condo for your indoor cat. I hope that you will have liked them, do not forget to give us feedback.

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