cardboard boxes for cats

How long do you keep cardboard boxes for cats?

The cat family, in general, are lying in wait for predators, they love to ambush and their instinctive behavior is to find a warm hideout where they can hide, hunt prey’s and feel non-threatened, all at the same time.

The same goes for domesticated cats and that is why you might find that your cat keeps crawling into a carelessly disposed packaging box.

To make your cat more comfortable, you should get him/her a personalized cardboard box so you wouldn’t have to bring them out of a box every time you want to use or dispose of the box.

If you are a lover of doing it yourself (DIY’s), then you can start a project of building your cat a cat house or cat box maze which is a great idea to keep your cat busy and find an outlet for their curious minds. Next comes the most important question.

How long should you keep your cat cardboard boxes for?

One of the most interesting features of cat cardboard boxes is that they are cardboard and hence, can be disposed of and gotten so easily. How long you want to keep your cat cardboard box depends entirely on you.

If you bought a pack of already made simple boxes, you can always change it every three days or a week but if you have something that took more time as a cat house, you can decide on waiting for months before changing it.

Now, if you are yet to get your cat a cardboard box or still undecided, let us take a look at some of the reasons why you should get or make your cat one.

To satisfy their instinctive behaviors

I stated earlier that a cat’s instinctive behavior is to hide away in small spaces or boxes where they can easily spy on you or their prey and stay warm. Hiding in a box also makes them feel non threatened as no other animal can sneak up on them either from behind or beside.

To keep them warm and comfortable

Cats love the warmth and that is why you would probably find them snuggling against you. Cardboards make great insulators because of their thermal properties so, you should definitely get your cat a cardboard box to keep warm and comfortable.

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To exercise them and keep them busy

A cat cardboard playhouse or maze is an amazing way to keep your cat busy and exercised. Your cat can always play around in there without worries while you are busy.

It is a great resting place

Cats love to sleep and can doze off for the better part of the day. Cardboard boxes are a great location for them to relax and sleep during their naps.

Cats love to scratch

Cats love to scratch and sometimes chew on cardboards out of anxiety or boredom so getting or making them a DIY cardboard cat scratcher can alleviate their boredom and make them really happy.

Does your cat like to spend time with cardboard box? Share your pet’s experience.

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